SAT Geometry

SAT GeometryI have broken this lesson into the three parts you must know:

2D Shapes – 3D Shapes – 2D Coordinate Geometry

With this in mind, I attempted to make these videos as short and as easy as possible. These three videos combined are a little more than 1 hour, and they give all the knowledge you NEED to dominate your SAT.


The most important 2D shapes on the test are parallelograms (squares and rectangles, mostly), triangles and circles. I don’t know about you, but I freakin’ LOVE triangles. I don’t know why, so I spend a lot of time with them.

Awesome vid, huh? I’m not perfect at those screen caps, and my Bamboo pen is not 100% perfect, but I’m trying.

Free Resource:

I made this PDF template of the formulas and shapes, just for you. Download here

3D Shapes

3D shapes come in many SHAPES AND SIZES, haha, but the idea here is to find the surface area and the volume, and to also find some diagonals. Other than that, you don’t see much 3D on the SAT.

Remember, I am here to give you an efficient way to succeed, not to give you EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION. If you want every possibility, I have a link to a great SAT course that is already made. (Note: I will probably put together a sat course for you, but until it’s ready, I will link to a friend of mine who has an awesome course. Hop to the end for me info.)

Whoa, I like those colors! Next time I will try and use FOUR colors.


I made this PDF template for the 3D’s in your life. Download here.

Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate planes are awesome. I used to be a philosopher, so I used to go all Descartes-crazy. So, you get some philoso-speak in this last video.

Whew, what a day! If you watched all of these at one time, good on you! If you didn’t, smart kid. Make sure you bookmark because I have all kinds of updates and goodies coming in the next few months.

Outside of Craig Resources:

Note: These aren’t necessarily free, but they ARE awesome, and I fully support them:

(1) SAT Official Guide:

Look, not prep is complete without the damn book. Buy this blue book whenever you can. I love amazon, because they are the bees-knees (whatever, I’m old!), but you can just go to your local bookstore and buy one yourself, if you hate the post.

(2) SAT Math Video Series:

Look, this is a pretty amazing product. Now, since I am not 100% handsome, I make these videos on screen flow because I think you want to see the work, not my desk or my face, but Soren goes ahead and records himself solving math problems. Every possible math problem on the SAT is covered in this course. I am developing my own course, but until it comes out, I will highly recommend Mike’s course. His books are awesome and teach awesome geometry, which is about as good as mine ;)

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