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A strong vocabulary on your SAT is pretty much a requirement. Even though the SAT will get rid of sentence completion questions in 2016, a strong vocabulary is essential for math, logic, and reading comprehension.

Today, I am including a 30-minute vocabulary lesson from the online SAT class.

Vocabulary Overview

Over the last few years I have met with dozens of tutors and hundreds of teachers. It is well established that SAT reading is the hardest section of the test to teach. Reading comprehension requires background skills that are not as easily taught as math or grammar.

While I will develop excellent posts to teach reading, and while my online SAT class is fantastic for vocabulary, reading, math, and writing strategy, if you require more reading help, you should consider buying a book or hiring a tutor. The reading best book (and possible tutor) is by Erica Meltzer. It’s called The Critical Reader.

Eventually, I’ll put together a review, but know that Erica and I talk in the podcast and I could not be more impressed. If you cannot get past the reading on your own or after watching my free videos, you should consider getting her book. If you can study on your own, it’s way better than a private tutor.

The purpose of this lesson is to give you a vocabulary strategy that you can implement to truly link word meaning with word use. I constantly receive emails or comments from students complaining that it is “impossible” to learn 1000 words. Other students ask how many words they should learn to do well.

The problem that I find (and that I’m sure many other tutors find) is that those questions ignore very serious assumptions. The first assumption is that vocabulary is a tool to do well on the SAT. That’s false.¬†The reason we learn vocabulary is so we can use vocabulary. The second assumption is that there is a “certain number” of words to know to automatically do well. That is just not the case. Never stop learning new words.¬†Today I will teach you how to learn vocabulary for everyday use.


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