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$5 Per Month SAT Class (math, reading & writing!)


CraigYou don’t have to stress about SAT prep. To help you, I will personally walk you through the major strategies, tactics, templates, and exercises on the SAT. I have developed an online video SAT course specifically designed to ensure you learn the most important strategies and knowledge you need to know to do exceptionally well on the SAT. In partnership with, I have developed a math, reading, and writing SAT class. In this course, you will get over 40┬áhours of video in 4 sections. Each lesson has a downloadable PDF with practice problems and explanations, interactive quizzes to test your comprehension, and a thorough write-up explaining the key concepts.

I want you to do well on the SAT, but I do not want you to have to spend a fortune to get excellent training. That is why I have put together this online course. This course summarizes the last 12 years of worldwide SAT tutoring experience, and it is packaged in video format so you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on SAT prep.

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Private Tutoring Made Affordable

For the past 12 years, students have had to pay over $100 per hour for SAT private tutoring. While each student is different, there are core concepts that every student must know to succeed on their SAT. Those involve math, reading, and writing tactics and knowledge. They also involve test taking strategies. Every single student who signs up for private tutoring learns similar strategies and tactics, and revises the same content knowledge. With online SAT class, you get me, personally, on your computer screen. My pre-recorded videos teach you the test strategy, math topics, reading skills, and writing tactics necessary to score incredibly well on the SAT.

Professional Videos Make Learning Easy

Every student has lifetime access to a library of SAT videos. These videos are screen captures of me explaining each SAT lesson. I work on the manual that I would use in a live SAT class. You will have access to these manuals so that you can print it out and follow along with me. Each video focuses on one key concept.

For example, in the SAT Math lesson teaching you about ‘rate and time problems’, you will watch me explain the ‘Plugging In T-Method’. I will show you how to identify problems that need the ‘T-Method’, how to perform the ‘T-Method’, and how to troubleshoot the ‘T-Method’. I will then work through several practice problems. When I finish, there will be a short quiz as well as a PDF that you can download to attempt even more practice problems.

Get Your Questions Answered

It is clear that not every student can self-study 100%. That is why you will want to be part of a program that encourages you to work hard, on your own, and then ask an expert questions about concepts that you do not understand. You will not regret using online SAT class to study for the SAT.


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside Online SAT Class


Online SAT Class



  • Over 40 SAT videos focusing on SAT math, reading, writing, and strategy
  • Over 30-hours of SAT instruction
  • Access to EVERY course, free of charge!
  • Comprehensive quizzes that help you review your lessons
  • Thorough book lists with all the materials you will need to do well on the SAT
  • Over 1-hour long training session on speed reading, guessing, and vocabulary development
  • Interviews with admissions, math, vocabulary, and English experts
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Free access to manuals
  • Discounted private tutoring

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