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Never miss a lesson
Online SAT class has pre-recorded lessons for reading, writing, and math. Each lesson covers everything you’d need to know to ace your SAT.

Practice what I teach
There are quizzes that test SAT problems and concepts after every lesson. You will get the best tutoring possible.

Learn unique strategies
I’ve built my curriculum over the last 10 years teaching students throughout the world. These methods are essential for fundamentally understanding how the test works.

You will understand everything
Our support system allows you to ask any question you have about the SAT lessons, problems, or tests. We will reply to your questions so you know exactly what you need to know to ace this exam.

Let other students guide you
Every question will be placed and organized on a wiki to allow you to search through other students’ questions. You may not even know that you don’t know something, so a steady stream of wiki review will ensure excellent understanding.



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Course Breakdown



Fundamentals includes 7 lessons and 16 videos that helps you set up a SAT study plan, understand the SAT test, prepare for your homework, learn about the student center, and plan your SAT adventure. From 2002 until 2010, I traveled throughout the world teaching students about the SAT and providing study guides, study plans, and deep strategy sessions. That information is covered in this course. When you finish Fundamentals, you will know exactly what you have to do to get a great SAT score.



SAT math has 7 lessons that cover everything from the strategies, tactics, algebra, geometry, and arithmetic section in over 28 videos. We include over 80 SAT math questions in quizzes, cheat sheet “downloadables”, and thorough explanations of everything you may need on the SAT math. Unsure? Sample SAT Math lesson. Throughout the last 10 years we’ve perfected our SAT math materials. You will watch knowledge videos wherein we teach you HOW to do math problems and HOW to think about math problems. We then show you real math problems and solve them while you watch. This, coupled with quizzes and a forum, ensures your SAT math success.



SAT Reading has 6 lessons that cover vocabulary development, sentence completion strategy, reading comprehension strategy, and a reading comprehension walkthrough. Unsure? Sample SAT reading lesson. The last 10 years have enabled us to find the best reading resources and couple them with an intuitive lesson plan that walks you through vocabulary development, speed reading, and reading comprehension. You will watch our walkthrough and then practice on your own. If you follow our strategies you will do exceptionally well on the SAT reading section.



SAT Writing gives you 6 lessons covering the SAT essay, sentence correction and error identification strategies, grammar knowledge, and improving paragraph process. Unsure? Sample SAT Writing Lesson. We have been teaching writing since 2005, and our essay development techniques coupled with a very thorough explanation of grammar will enable you to get excellent SAT scores. You don’t have to stress because we break apart every error on the EID and SC sections and show you how to effectively and quickly get the right answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many video lessons are there?

At the moment, online SAT class has 55 unique video lessons. Some, like adding fractions, are only 3 minutes. Others, like sentence completion strategy, are 45 minutes.

Throughout the course you will be able to see exactly how many lessons there are. In addition, as I add or update lessons, you will be told via email.

How do I ask questions?

Because we are growing, I have opted for a wiki instead of a forum (who wants to see a silent forum!). That actually makes your life a lot easier. If you click on the “Support” button that straddles every page, you can ask a unique question.

I will then be able to respond to your directly. If you ask a SAT specific question, I will be able to send your question to the wiki for other students to search through. I answer questions 3 times per week in bursts, so you really shouldn’t have to wait more than 2 days to get an answer (but most likely you’ll get an answer in a few hours).

What is the best way to use online SAT class?

OSC is both a stand-alone SAT training program and a supplement to your private study. You should use online SAT class video series as 1 tool in your SAT toolbox. In fact, it’s priced so low because I know there is no 1 solution for everybody.

If you want to self-study, OSC acts as a tutor. You will still need to purchase the Blue Book to do practice tests (but you’ll have to do that in any self-respecting prep course). Throughout the course you’ll watch my videos in the same way you’d listen to lectures. You’ll do practice quizzes and read my written word in the same way you’d do pre-work and homework. You’ll set up a plan and talk about it in our forum. And you’d ask specific questions in the forum. You can do just as well with OSC and some self-determination as with an expensive tutor.

If you want to study with a private tutor, but you want to limit the number of hours (and dollars), you can use the OSC as a supplement. Simply watch a series of videos that correspond to the lesson of the day, do some practice problems, and when you go to your tutorial session, you can save hours by not having to re-learn techniques and strategies that I teach. I could save you $1000 if I can shave a 20 hour tutorial package to 10 hours.

How do quizzes and practice problems work?

There are questions (SAT and academic) about most of the videos. These are either in-website quizzes or PDF question sheets with answers. Most of the questions will have answers, but if you do not understand, you can easily ask in our forum. You’ll get an explanation quickly.

Several of the “Overview” sections also include cheat sheets and workbooks/manuals. In our private classes we used these manuals to teach students. Many of the videos outline the sections from the manuals. You will have access to our original work. It will help you fully understand the SAT structure.

As we grow and develop, and receive feedback from you, more quizzes, better manuals, and updated lessons will appear.

Why is this so affordable?

I believe SAT training should be free. But I, like you, have to eat, sleep, and drive to work. I’ve made online SAT class as inexpensive as a book because I want every student who wants to attend a great university to have the opportunity to learn the elite strategies our super-expensive private students have had for years. It’s inexpensive because we want to help as many people as possible.

Honestly, there are hundreds of big and small companies and individuals trying to teach you how to master this test. Some, like the College Board, produce materials and make money from student taking the test. Others, like “Big Brand”, push fear of failure onto you.

I think the SAT is important, but I don’t think it’s the most important. You SHOULD have elite training. You should get a tutor if necessary. I want to fill in the gap between students who have the means to hire a person into their homes and those who do not. I want to help as many students as possible. In fact, I want to help ALL the students.

That’s not feasible, of course, but pricing the course this affordable, giving excellent support throughout your studies, and being a source of peace and comfort… hopefully that will help you get through this exam.

Is there a money-back situation?

If you are unhappy with your course, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy, just ask for a refund and we will give you a refund. No questions asked.

Will this help me with my SAT?

Short answer: Yes. If you watch the lessons, ask questions, and do your homework, you will be prepared for the SAT. The key is to practice your homework & to ask questions when you don’t understand something.

Everything you need is here. But students have different needs. If you ask questions in the forum, I can update my lessons and help you. This course will be organic. We will work together to make sure future students have the best possible course. That means when you take the course, it will be the best course available.

How do I register?

Click on the “sign up” button above, fill out your payment information, and you will be forwarded to the student center with your username and password. Then you just log into the student center & begin where you left off.

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