Over the next 4-12 weeks I will personally walk you through every strategy, tactic, template, and exercise on the SAT. I have developed an online video SAT course specifically designed to ensure you learn everything you need to know to do exceptionally well on the SAT. There is over 50 hours of video in 4 sections. Each lesson has a downloadable PDF with practice problems and explanations, interactive quizzes to test your comprehension, and a thorough write-up explaining the key concepts. Any it is only $5 per month!

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Over the last 5 years I have written hundreds of blog posts teaching you free strategies related to SAT study success. Go to my blog, learn about the SAT, practice my problems, sign up for my email quizzes, and get a much higher SAT score.



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I have personally reviewed and read hundreds of SAT books and I have taken dozens of SAT courses. I review these books and courses and make professional suggestions so you can quickly build your SAT study library.

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Even though I chose to go to the UK, you helped me get into four American schools. I started with a 1520 and ended with an 1830. I was so surprised how easy it was to learn from the videos.

Kate Rollason

Cardiff University

Hey! Just wanted to let you know I got my scores back and your videos really helped! I went from a 1750 to a 1920.

Pumthad Ratanakok

Pepperdine University

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